Aupair FAQs

Below are some questions that can help you clear up any doubts about work as an aupair.

If you don’t find the question you are looking for or you have any other query, send it to us and we will answer you as soon as possible.

1. There are free websites on the internet to find a host family. So why choose F&A?

We care about you. The registration fee for au pairs is an administrative fee, based on the expenses we incurred in order to facilitate your placement and check your references and reports. You will not have to pay the whole fee until we find a family for you and there is a written agreement between both parties. Internet agencies also charge a registration fee in exchange for just a list of contact details and you would have to work and find a family by yourself without any guarantee or added value service. Be aware of scams.

2. How long will it take me to find a host family?

The sooner you send us your requirements, the better to find a suitable family on the dates you choose.

The success of your placement depends on the time of the year you decide to apply and join our programme, the length of your stay, your abilities, etc. Any extra skills you have, your hobbies, first aid, experience with children, will also help your application.

3. What can I do if we don’t get on well?

Our goal is to find you a family as compatible as possible. We would like this experience to be successful for both. In case of any situation of conflict you should contact us; we will help you and mediate if necessary. If we cannot solve your differences, we will try to find another family as soon as possible. If you stay less than 3 months, we cannot guarantee relocation, due to the limited time to find another family.

4. I don’t speak Spanish. Can I find a family?

Yes, some families don’t ask for this requirement.

5. I’m a man. Can I be an au pair?

Send us your application, sometimes we find families asking for men.

6. Do I have to take care of babies?

Our programme is aimed at families with children aged 2+. If you have experience or a childcare qualification and you would like to work with babies, say so because many families look for this.

7. How much money do I need a month to live in Spain?

This is an important part to consider. For example: a travel pass will cost you about €45 to €60 per month, telephone charges or even buying a mobile, Spanish courses, private medical insurance (optional), trips, going out with friends, ….. It all depends on your preferences; we recommend to bring some money saved, in order to enjoy your experience.