Family Frequently Asked Questions

List of questions that can help foster families solve their doubts about to the work carried out by the Aupair, what requirements must meet in order to accommodate a Aupair and other recurring doubts.

From the following list if you do not find the question you need to answer your questions please send other questions , queries or suggestions about our program. We’ll send you an answer as quickly as possible.

1. On the Internet I find an aupair. Why pay an agency?

For us, the family and the aupair are our customers. We care about you. Internet databases are and to access their services a fee must be paid, invest your time in searching and selecting the aupair. These services do not offer any type of warranty service, or ensure they find a aupair.

In F & A both aupair and host families pass a selection process whose main objective is to get to know the personality and objectives of both parties to their compatibility is maximized, making enjoy a most pleasant and fruitful experience possible.

We will provide guidance and assistance during the program both aupair and the family. We advise on how to make this program a Cultural Exchange.

2. How much time is needed to find a aupair?

It is advisable to make your request as soon as possible, so we have more chances of finding them an aupair to fit your needs.

There are variables that facilitate the result as the time of year when requested, time wishing to have the aupair and of course what they are willing to offer the aupair (there are families that provide a weekly allowance than usual, the monthly subscription transportation, health insurance…).

3. Is it possible to find a aupair for less than 1 month?

Most participants prefer to come for longer periods, but short stays applications are received. Please contact us if this is the case.

4. ¿Hay posibilidad de cambiar de aupair?

Our goal is to be as compatible as possible, and that the experience is unique in both directions. Occasionally, there may be situations of conflict and coexistence in this case should contact us for us advise them. If the differences can not be resolved, we will try to look for another aupair in the shortest time possible. (See section Substitutions ).

5. We do not have children or our children are grown, can we hire an Aupair?

Both families without children and with older children, they can welcome a aupair, because there are many young people who want to live in another country, learn languages, experience a different lifestyle, but do not necessarily want to babysit. These young students can be a great solution for you.

6. Do we have a baby, you may request an aupair?

Our programs are aimed primarily at families with children older than 2 years. However, if the au pair has demonstrable professional experience in caring for children under 2 years or professional qualifications that enable them to care for children of this age, the stay in a family that demanded this type of service.

7. Is it possible to have a guy like au pair?

Most of the applicants participants are girls , although usually also receive some requests for guys.

8. Are refundable 50 € Registry?

The 50 € registration are considered administrative costs. Our service starts to receive the form of the family, at this time began the search for a suitable aupair for them.