Requirements to be a host family Requirements to be a host family

  1. To provide a private bedroom for the aupair.
  2. To welcome the aupair into your home as a family member, not as a domestic servant.
  3. To speak Spanish as the family’s first language.
  4. To pay the aupair the agreed pocket money, monthly or weekly.
  5. To provide full board during the stay. If the family does not eat at home, the aupair will have to prepare her food.
  6. Aupairs are entitled to two consecutive days off per week, if possible at the weekend or by mutual agreement.
  7. As a host family, you share our commitment to ensuring your aupair’s Spanish Culture experience is as rewarding as possible.
  8. To inform the aupair of the house rules, daily routine. Inform her of the tasks to be performed and give her guidelines to follow regarding child discipline.
  9. To sign and abide by the coexistence commitment agreement between the family and the aupair.
  10. Pick up your aupair from the airport or station.
  11. If you have a problem with the aupair, and you can’t find a solution, you have to notify F&A and the aupair with a 2-week notice period.