Useful Tips for Aupairs Tips for Aupairs

  • Once you are registered with the programme, we will send you by e-mail a complete dossier with useful tips for your travel and your visit to Spain.
  • Check your passport remains valid for your whole stay, and if possible it should remain valid for an additional six months.
  • Make sure your family has all the necessary information in order to get in touch with you in the host country (Host Family name, home address, telephone, e-mail and fax).
  • When packing, make sure you allow for the Spanish climate.
  • You are advised to carry a certain amount of euros, to cover your initial costs in Spain.
  • Keep in mind that Spanish children will be different from the children in your home country.
  • This is your house too! Behave like a family member, in the same way you would in your own family.
  • Communicate! Sometimes this can be really hard, but this is the best way to solve problems early and for good.
  • Enjoy all of the little things throughout  your stay, don’t just focus on the big things. This is an unforgettable experience!!!!!