What is an Aupair?

“Aupair” means “on par” in French or “on equal terms”. What is an Aupair

The term aupair is defined and legislated in an international agreement regulated by the European Council. Therefore, the aupair has rights and obligations. According to Article 6.1 of the “European Agreement on Aupair Placement, provided by the Ministry of Work and Social Affairs (Official State Gazette of 6 September 1988), the rights and obligations of the aupair and host family shall be set forth in a written agreement arranged by the parties in question, in the form of a single document or exchange of letters. Therefore an aupair is not considered to be a party to an employment contract, but rather as a participant in an inter-cultural activity”.

An aupair is:

  • An aupair is a foreign student aged 18-30 who seeks to improve her knowledge of the Spanish language and culture.
  • She will live as part of a Spanish host family, sharing and participating in activities with the family.
  • An aupair is expected to help with childcare and teach them her language.
  • In return, she gets full board, lodging, and weekly pocket money.
  • The aupair will have free time to attend language classes or for her leisure.

This programme is based on a cultural, educational, and linguistic exchange for the foreign person. The aupair is to be integrated into the home as a member of the family.

Ministry of Employment and Immigration “aupair” placement of foreign young people.

(European Agreement on Aupair Placement, 24-XI-69)  (Resol. 18-I-90)